Body Mapping

Jennifer Johnson

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*Note. These sessions cannot be bought separately*

Body Mapping teaches musicians how to move at their instruments in order to avoid injury and limitation. The actual anatomical design of the body is taught in order to dispel common cultural misconceptions about how to move that often cause musicians unnecessary tension and injury.This course consists of 5 classes or five days. (not bookable separately).

Note: several explorations in this course will be on the floor- have your carpets or yoga mats ready!

Oct. 20th:
An introduction to Body Mapping principles looking at the importance of retraining the senses and awareness in constructive rest in order to learn to move more freely. Some introductory mapping of the head-spine relationship and how that changes your approach to your instrument will be included.

Oct. 21st:
An intensive look at the spine as core of the body, including mapping the difference between superficial torso muscles and deep support muscles. Balance in the lower spine when you play will lay the groundwork for a more intensive look at how to free neck muscles and will include movement explorations to free neck, jaw and tongue muscles.

Oct. 22:
Three main ways that a musician's shoulder region can leave balanced neutral and cause tension, pain and injury. Many movement explorations with and without instruments will be demonstrated.

Oct. 23:
Finding neck and shoulder region freedom through learning humeroscapular rhythm in whole arm movement during playing. Also addressed will be how the lower arm and hand are freed in playing by freeing the upper arm/shoulder region.

Oct. 24:
Master class for 3-4 individuals to demonstrate how to continue mapping independently and how to make the applications in the practice room.


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Di. 20.10.20 Vergangen
5:30–6:30 America/Adak
Body Mapping - Class 1
Mi. 21.10.20 Vergangen
5:30–6:30 America/Adak
Body Mapping - Class 2
Do. 22.10.20 Vergangen
5:30–6:30 America/Adak
Body Mapping - Class 3
Fr. 23.10.20 Vergangen
5:30–6:30 America/Adak
Body Mapping - Class 4
Sa. 24.10.20 Vergangen
5:30–6:30 America/Adak
Body Mapping - Class 5