Honesty and Compassion in Practice and Teaching

Ruth Phillips

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Honesty and Compassion in Practice and Teaching - Cello Masterclasses with Ruth Phillips

So often we give mixed messages when we play - conveying joy through physical effort, complicating a simple line with ideas, or shifting easily when there is resistance in the harmony. However, what happens inside us is what happens inside our listeners. If we breathe, our listeners breathe with us. If we are at ease in our bodies, our listeners are at ease. As performers, it is our job to be attentive to and honest about the relationship between what we hear with our inner ear, what we experience in our bodies and what we are communicating. As teachers and performers, we can learn to slow down and listen deeply, observing what is happening – in our ear, our heart, our body and our mind – before articulating it. This process is often enough, but it is is all too often rushed, and replaced with judgement and fixing.

These two 90-minute classes will be divided into 45 minute sessions of a masterclass followed by a group discussion. In both sections, we will focus specifically on helping you as a listener get in touch with your authentic experience, and how you can articulate it in a supportive, honest and compassionate way that has the potential to bring about real transformation in yourself and your students.

Masterclass 18th October

Masterclass 20th October

Please contact zen@the-exhale.com if you would like to play in the masterclass.


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Ruth Philips at The Exhale Master Course

Ruth Phillips