Breath Knows

Patrick Gundry-White


*Recordings of this class will be available to ticket holders until the 30th October. The link will be found in your user account.*

Breath Knows

In this series of three linked workshops, Patrick brings together 30 years’ experience of teaching the Alexander Technique and 15 years teaching the Buteyko Method to musicians. Combining the two, he has developed an approach to breathing for performers that has as its starting point the often-overlooked importance of nose breathing. When we maximise this aspect of breathing, we create a respiratory system that heals and purifies, that energises and calms our nervous system and our muscles. All beneficial for performing musicians. Patrick’s studies of functional anatomy and physiology have brought him to see the healing benefits of breath on the exhale as well as the inhale.

These classes can all be purchased separately, but for continuity it is recommended that participants attend all three. Remember that recordings of the classes are available to catch up!

1. 19th October
This first class will mainly look at the ins and outs of nose breathing, including an introduction to the Buteyko work and breathing awareness exercises.

2. 22nd October
We will look at how the diaphragm works, exploring its many connections in the body, including the ribs and spine. This class will also include more breathing exercises.

3. 26th October
In this class we will look at how the exercises and awareness gained over the course can be used to help improve practice and performance. Bring your instruments for a practical session.


This event has multiple classes. Missed a class? You can still purchase a ticket to access the recording. The series discount price remains valid.

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All sessions: €60.00
Mon 19.10.20 Past Event
4:00–5:30 America/Adak
Breath knows - Class 1
Thu 22.10.20 Past Event
4:00–5:30 America/Adak
Breath knows - Class 2
Mon 26.10.20 Past Event
5:00–6:30 America/Adak
Breath knows - Class 3