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Are you looking for more ease of movement, flow and freedom in your playing?

Would you like to discover how your thinking can positively enhance your body awareness and improve efficiency and sensitivity of movement?

In these three sessions we will look at the dynamic relationship of the head, neck and back. How are our arms and shoulders connected to the back and how can we feel more alive while sitting or standing with our instruments?

Patrick brings 30 years’ experience of teaching Alexander Technique, working mainly with musicians. His experience of teaching anatomy in a fun and interactive way will help you feel more at one with your instrument.

Dale is a professional cellist and teacher, using her training in Alexander Technique to help cellists and other instrumentalists find more poise and presence in their performance.

Each class is 1 ½ hours to allow time for participants to explore these ideas with their instruments.

Session 1, Tuesday, October 27


In this session we’ll look at the connections between the head, neck and back and how this relationship works as a whole, affecting our breathing and sense of freedom in movement.

There will be time during and at the end of each session for participants to explore these ideas in practical ways. So bring your instruments if you would like to play, but there is plenty to learn if you would rather just observe.

Session 2, Wednesday, October 28


In this session we will look at the anatomical structures of the shoulder in relation to the whole body, in particular the back, learning how to release tension and discover how to move at our instruments with ease and freedom. We will look at how our breathing opens and expands our backs and enables us to be more expressive in our playing. Be prepared for some gentle movement work, and the chance to play if you would like to.

Session 3, Thursday, October 27


How can we feel both grounded and free in sitting and standing? In this final session we will see that all movement is connected through the whole body and that there is a dynamic flow of vitality from the feet up to the top of the head which helps us find more support for the richest expressive range in our music making.


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